Can ginger hair washing water really prevent hair loss?


Ginger is the fresh rhizome of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe), a perennial herb of the Zingiberaceae family. It is also known as fresh ginger, ginger root, Bailayun, honey-roasted ginger, indisin, hooked finger, and Yanliang boy. The rhizome (dry ginger), cork (ginger skin) and leaves (ginger leaves) of ginger can be used as medicine. Warm, its unique "gingerol" can stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, make the gastrointestinal congestion, enhance digestion, and can effectively treat symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and vomiting caused by eating too much cold and cool food. .

Ginger can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, and promote the opening of pores on the body. Therefore, eating ginger can not only take away excess heat, but also bring out germs and cold air in the body, and eliminate body cold in time. Ginger is one of the most common food seasonings in daily life. It is a must-have in almost every household. As a food, ginger soup can relieve the exterior and dispel cold, stop vomiting, warm the meridian and dispel cold, etc. As a traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is also known as "the holy medicine of vomiting". The biggest usage is to stop vomiting;

It is said that there is another folk prescription for external use, which is to rub the scalp, which can help people with alopecia areata to grow hair. There is a folk remedy that has been passed down from ancient times to the present, that is, when a ghost shaves his head, rubbing the scalp with ginger slices can help hair growth. Where does the specific source come from? It has been impossible to verify, but folks often say that "folk remedies cure serious illnesses". Sometimes, this folk prescription does have some basis and effect.

A popular TV series "Ghost Blowing the Lantern: Huangpizi Grave" also used a relatively long close-up shot to show the scene of the bald "Xu Erhei" rubbing his head with ginger. It can be seen that this "ginger cures alopecia areata" Folk remedies are known to the people of the whole country and are widely used among the people. So why can ginger grow hair? Modern research on ginger has found that its ingredients contain 0.25-3% volatile oil, and the main ingredients in the oil are 1-3% gingerol, gingerol, eucalyptol, zingiberene, curcumene, and bisabolene. , phellandrene, camphene, linalool borneol and decomposition product zingerone, also contains a variety of amino acids, a small amount of resin. In modern times, more scholars have found that gingerol, terpenoid volatile oil, diphenylheptane, etc. in ginger are the main functional components.

Experts believe that the main effect of hair growth shampoo is gingerol, which can stimulate the scalp to a certain extent, thereby accelerating the blood circulation of the scalp, and blood is one of the keys to hair growth. Therefore, this kind of hyperemia stimulating blood circulation can improve hair growth to a certain extent, and has the effect of preventing hair loss and stabilizing hair roots, especially for people with mental hair loss and hair loss caused by kidney deficiency. Matters needing attention With the advancement of science and technology, there are many ginger products and extracts, and there are also many shampoos and hair care products with ginger as an element on the market, so we should not choose blindly, we must carefully distinguish between true and false, pay attention to Is it suitable for your own situation.

Furthermore, it is to remind everyone not to blindly think that ginger is a panacea "hair growth medicine". There are many types of hair loss, such as alopecia areata, seborrheic alopecia, postpartum alopecia, seasonal alopecia, nutritional metabolic alopecia, hereditary alopecia, etc. Among these types of hair loss, alopecia areata and seborrheic alopecia are more commonly used. For alopecia areata, it is recommended to use freshly cut ginger slices to gently massage directly on the hair loss area, but it is different for seborrheic alopecia. Apply ginger juice and massage the scalp gently. In addition, for the scalp with seborrheic alopecia, there may be some problems such as sensitive scalp, excessive scalp oil, combined inflammation, etc. Ginger is relatively irritating, some people can adapt to it, and some people may aggravate the scalp problem. Therefore, when using ginger juice, it should be used reasonably, observe more, and adjust in time.

Finally, pay attention to hair care and hair cleaning, do not perm and dye your hair frequently, and reduce the number of times you use a hair dryer. You can also use the following methods to promote rapid hair growth. 1. Wash your hair frequently and maintain good cleaning habits.

2. Comb your hair frequently, and the hair can be combed upside down, which is helpful for the blood circulation and growth of the scalp. 3. When swimming, the water can moisturize and massage the head, and the hair will grow very fast and thick when swimming frequently. 4. Wash your hair with the juice squeezed out of grapefruit peel.

5. Maintain good eating habits, avoid partial eclipse, and take more protein (such as: meat, liver, egg products, soybeans, yogurt, etc.), calcium, colloid (fish food) and dark vegetables food.

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