The correct hair care should be done three things well


Correct hair care should do three things

shampoo properly

The first step to do a good job in hair care is to wash your hair correctly. Correct shampooing is very important for hair maintenance. The specific methods of Henan hair care are as follows:

1. To choose a shampoo that suits you, never use inferior shampoo.

2. Do not apply the shampoo directly on the scalp, you should squeeze it on the palm of your hand first, rub your left and right hands together to create foam, and then wash your hair.

3. When washing your hair, do not "grab" it "roughly" with your fingernails, just use your fingertips to massage the scalp with a little force.

4. The shampoo should not stay on the scalp for too long, usually 30 seconds, otherwise the shampoo will corrode the delicate scalp.

5. Try not to touch the scalp with the conditioner, otherwise the ingredients in it will block the hair follicles, causing fat particles and even hair loss.

6. Choose one of conditioner and hair mask to use.

7. Shampoo and conditioner must be washed clean, do not let them remain on the hair.

Reasonably dry hair

The second step to do a good job in Henan hair care is to dry your hair reasonably. Some friends like to blow their hair with a hair dryer. In fact, this is very harmful to the hair.

1. Slowly wrap the long hair in the towel from the tip of the hair, and gently blot the water, then start from the top of the head and slowly blot the water to the tip of the hair, and then let the hair dry naturally. Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it after washing, as doing so will only lead to dull and split ends.

2. Try not to use a hair dryer except during menstruation and winter. Even if you want to use it, you need to use a towel to absorb as much water as possible beforehand, and don't dry it completely, just seven or eight minutes will be fine.

3. You can apply a layer of hair care essential oil/hair care essence before blowing your hair. Don’t worry about hair oil, because in the wet hair state, the cuticles of the hair are open, and the essence oil applied at this time absorbs faster is very fast. This can not only prevent the hair from losing moisture during the drying process, but also ensure the absorption of essential oils, adding another point to healthy hair.

comb your hair well

1. Comb hair should start from the scalp, use the comb teeth to massage the scalp, do not comb from the middle of the hair or the ends of the hair. Comb it out, don't pull it hard.

2. Try not to choose plastic combs when combing your hair in daily life, which will cause static electricity in the hair, which is not conducive to hair maintenance.

3. Long-term hair braiding and hair tie can easily cause scalp vasoconstriction, which not only leads to headaches, but also causes certain damage to the scalp and hair follicles due to the traction tension generated by the long-term tight hair rope, causing hair loss, and then Causes premature aging of the scalp. So, remember to give your hair a holiday every week~ When you go to bed at night, don’t tie your hair!


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