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March 20, 2024

What should we pay attention to when perming the hair?

There are many types of perming hair, such as healthy hair,damaged hair or special types of hair,and the methods of operation are also different. Hair quality is also different when perming and the perm operation methods are also different. Sometime different hairstyles are required, and the perming method will also change according to the needs of the hairstyle, and the impact on the hair quality will also be different.

Based on the actual situation,We will share some common problems and perm details:

1. Before perming the hair, we should observe the condition of the hair without shampooing first. Because hair will show all problems in this state. Once the hair is washed and the hair is wet, many problems will be hidden, which will have a certain impact on the diagnosis of hair quality.

2. When washing the hair before perming, the water temperature must be controlled well, and try to choose warm water with a lower temperature. For normal hair, it only need to wash the hair with shampoo. For damaged, dry and tangled hair, use conditioner after shampooing, so that the hair can be combed and smoothed more easily. 

3. For damaged hair, before perming, apply some pre-perm care products to the damaged parts of the hair, which can fill the holes in the hair, replenish nutrients, increase the hair's resistance, and reduce the damage to the hair caused by perming.

4. For cold perm operation,curl the hair first, and then use No. 1 agent to perm. The action time of Agent No. 1 must be controlled accurately, because there is a huge relationship between hair damage and improper use of Agent No. 1. During the hot perm operation, the softening time and effect of the first dose must be controlled. Most of the hair damage is related to the excessive use of the first dose.

5. After the first agent is finished, the cold perm must be rinsed with a bar. In this way, the first agent on the hair is washed clean and then the second agent is used, which can greatly reduce the damage of the perm to the hair. Hot perming requires emulsification during perm to balance the ph value of the hair, remove residual alkaline substances, and at the same time add certain nutrients to the hair.

6. During cold perm operation, the hair must be soaked dry after flushing. Because too much water content will dilute the effect of Agent No. 2 and affect the perm effect.

7. Before perming, you must control the moisture content of the hair according to the hair quality, and then choose the heating method and temperature according to the effect of the perm and the condition of the hair. Temperature control is very important for blanching technology.

8. Whether it is hot perm or cold perm, after styling the No. 2 agent, first use shampoo to wash off the remaining No. 2 agent on the hair, and then use conditioner to balance the pH of the hair. Doing this will prevent oxidants from causing continued damage to your hair.

9. Wash your hair for the second time 48 hours after perming. Because the structure of the hair that has just been permed is still relatively loose and the curl is not stable enough, washing the hair after 48 hours can make the styling effect last longer.

10. Permed hair will have a certain impact to some extent, because some moisture and protein will be taken away during the perm. Hair does not have the ability to repair itself, so hair damage is irreversible. It can only be said that the degree of damage varies. Therefore, you must insist on doing hair mask once a week to maintain the normal condition of your hair.

The above is a general introduction to the precautions for perming. The specific details of perming will depend on the specific hair style needs, but the framework is like this. It is recommended that when perming your hair, it is best to consult a hairstylist who is good at perming. He will recommend a suitable perm method for you based on your hair quality. If you have long or medium-long hair, it is recommended to choose hot perm because it is easier to take care of. If you have short hair, it is best to choose the cold perm method, because cold perm is more suitable for short hair styles and can maximize the fluffiness of the roots.

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