Why do you grow faster?


Nowadays, many people lose their hair due to excessive stress. Hair loss not only proves that the body is unhealthy, but also affects the image. Many people are deeply troubled by this. So, how can you make your hair grow faster? Today Yogi will introduce 10 ways to solve your hair loss problem. How to grow hair 1. Frequent combing method: Remember to comb the hair for a long time every day, because combing the hair can promote the blood circulation of the head, and at the same time can enhance the vitality of the scalp cells, which can make the hair grow rapidly. It is best Comb your hair with a wooden comb instead of a nylon comb. Nylon combs tend to generate static electricity, which can cause adverse irritation to the scalp. Second, wash your hair with rice water: washing your hair with rice water is said to make hair grow faster , Dai women use this method.

Leave the water after washing the rice every day, add an appropriate amount of hot water, and adjust the temperature. Long-term use can promote hair growth; 3. Maintain good eating habits: the main component of hair is keratin, which contains a variety of amines amino acids and dozens of trace elements. If you lack iron and protein, your hair will turn yellow and split ends. In the absence of vegetable oil, vitamin A, protein and iodine, the hair will be dry, dull and easy to break.

Seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss will occur when vitamin B group is deficient, so take more protein (such as: meat, liver, egg products, soybeans, yogurt, cheese, etc.), calcium, colloid (Fish food) and food with dark vegetables; 4. Beer hair care: wash and dry the hair, then apply 1/8 of the whole bottle of beer evenly on the hair, do some hand massage to make the beer penetrate the roots of the hair. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with clean water, and then comb your hair with a wooden comb or horn comb. The effective nutrients in beer have a good therapeutic effect on preventing dry hair from falling out, and can also make hair shiny.

Modern people are under high work pressure, intense study, overuse of the brain, easy to be happy and sad, these often cause hair loss. People use their brains excessively, or they are often preoccupied and bored, or when they encounter something, their spirits are too tense, which greatly stimulates their brains, and sometimes affects the supply and growth of hair nutrition. Because all the activities of the human body belong to the brain tube, if the brain is stimulated, the activities will be out of rhythm and can't play their roles normally, which will inevitably stimulate the nutrition of the body and lead to hair loss.

Therefore, it is suggested that you should maintain an optimistic and peaceful attitude in your usual work and study, not get excited when things happen, and combine work and study with rest. Expert advice: try to sleep no less than 6 hours a day, and develop the habit of regular sleep. Pay attention to dietary nutrition, eat foods rich in protein and trace elements, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat less greasy and sugary foods.


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