How long is the hair is the healthiest? It turned out to be wrong for more than 20 years!


Washing your hair every day not only does not protect your hair, it may also cause damage to your hair. The scalp and hair lose their natural protective film, which is detrimental to the health of the hair. So what is the healthiest way to wash your hair every few days? Is it okay to wash your hair every day? Washing your hair every day is not good. It will not make your hair fall more, nor will it increase your dandruff, but it is actually harmful to your hair quality.

But if we don't wash our hair for a long time, the oil and other debris secreted by the sebaceous glands will block the hair follicles, affect the normal hair growth of the hair follicles, and cause hair loss and hair loss. So washing your hair is also a method. 1. It is best to wash your hair three to four times a week in winter, and it is best to wash it every other day in summer. 2. People who work outdoors for a long time and mental workers can appropriately increase the number of shampoos. In addition, they should also clean up frequently to promote blood circulation.

Washing your hair every day not only can't protect your hair, it may also cause damage to your hair. Because washing your hair too often will completely wash off the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, making the scalp and hair lose their natural protective film, which is not good for the health of the hair. When you wash your hair, rub it with shampoo for a while to cleanse your scalp.

What to pay attention to when washing your hair 1. Comb your hair with a comb before washing your hair, which can help massage the scalp and clean up some damaged hair that has dried up and broken. 2. Wash and massage the hair with warm water for one or two minutes. After the hair is completely wet, then shampoo, and the shampoo should be rubbed on the hands to produce foam, and then applied to the hair. 3. When washing your hair, don't scratch your scalp with your nails. Human scalp is very delicate. If it is scratched, it is easy to get infected and increase dandruff.

4. Do not wash your hair for less than five minutes, especially around the back of your head. Pay attention to cleaning your hair and scalp. Only by thoroughly cleaning the scalp can you solve the root cause of oily hair. Some people who do special jobs still insist on washing their hair every day due to hygienic requirements. But no matter who you are, you should pay attention to the choice of shampoo when washing your head. You may choose a refreshing and oil-controlling shampoo such as ginger shampoo. You can avoid using shampoos that are too alkaline. Apply conditioner.


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