In-Depth Analysis of Hair Rebonding: Mechanism, Benefits, and Care Essentials-YOGI CARE

In-Depth Analysis of Hair Rebonding: Mechanism, Benefits, and Care Essentials-YOGI CARE

Hair rebonding is a professional chemical treatment designed to permanently change the natural texture of your hair from curly or wavy to completely straight. This treatment is usually performed by an experienced hairdresser in a professional hair salon and involves multiple steps and the use of chemical products.

How it works and how it works?

Chemical treatment:

Softening: First, your hairdresser will use a chemical softener, usually a product containing thiols or sulfides, to break open the sulfur bonds in the hair. Sulfur bonds are a type of connecting structure in the hair protein that is responsible for the shape and texture of your hair.

Reshaping: Once the sulfur bonds are broken, the hair is reshaped into a straight shape. Your hairdresser will straighten each strand of hair and hold it in the straight shape while the hair is in the softened state. This step requires skill and patience to ensure that every section of the hair is treated evenly.

Fixing the shape:

While the hair is in the straightened state, your hairdresser will apply heat (usually a special curling iron or a straightening iron) to the hair to fix the hair's new shape. This step not only ensures that the hair maintains its straight shape, but also helps to smooth the surface of the hair.

Neutralization and washing:

After the treatment, the hairdresser will use a neutralizer to neutralize the chemicals in the hair and wash the hair thoroughly to ensure that the hair is no longer affected by the chemical treatment.

Care and style:

After the perm straightening is completed, the hair usually appears smoother and shinier. In order to maintain the effect and the health of the hair, it is recommended to use hair care products designed specifically for perm straightening and to maintain regular care.

Advantages and precautions


The effect of perm straightening can usually last for several months or even longer, especially with proper care.

Style diversity: 

Straightening allows people to have more diverse hairstyle options, from simple straight hair to various complex styles.

Pay attention to hair health: 

Although perm straightening can bring beautiful results, it involves the use of chemicals and heat treatment, which may cause some damage to the hair. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional hairdresser and high-quality products to reduce possible damage and protect the health of the hair.

In short, perm straightening is a chemical treatment method suitable for people who want to permanently change the texture of their hair and seek a straighter and smoother hairstyle. By choosing the right hairdresser and the right treatments, you can maximize your desired results and maintain the health of your hair.

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