Winter hair care problem drives away the three secrets of hairy hair


The dry environment in winter makes the scalp lose its resistance and becomes more fragile, and men are more likely to be troubled by dandruff at this time. This seemingly inconspicuous little problem will not only create a bad impression, but if it is not properly taken care of, it will cause more serious scalp problems. Treating dandruff cannot be solved with a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo. Let’s take a look at how to deal with dandruff Properly remove dandruff 1. Properly comb hair, massage hair care Properly comb hair, strengthen scalp friction, can improve the blood circulation of the head, make the hair nourished, smooth and black, the hair roots are firm, and prevent hair loss. However, the hair should not be combed too tightly, otherwise the scalp will be pulled too tightly, which will restrict blood flow and make the hair fall out prematurely.

In order to prevent static electricity, do not use plastic combs, but choose wooden or horn combs with wider tooth spacing to avoid damage to the scalp. 2. It is not advisable to wash your hair too often. Men don't have to worry about how many days they should wash their hair. The most important thing is according to their own conditions. In autumn, you can reduce the frequency of shampooing. Dry scalp can wash once every 2-3 days, while men with oily scalp should wash their hair once every 1-2 days according to the oily scalp.

When washing hair, the water temperature should not be too high, preferably around 40 degrees, as overheating water temperature can easily cause hair frizz. Do not use the oil-removing shampoo that has not been used up in summer. You can replace it with a mild, non-irritating natural shampoo for the scalp. Alkaline is easy to clean thoroughly, but it is also the direct "killer" of damaging hair quality. 3. Use the hair dryer correctly. The wrong hair drying method will cause hair frizz, but it does not mean that the hair dryer cannot be used.

If the hair is very frizzy, it is often because the hair scales are too open and cannot be closed, and it needs to be smoothed with the help of a blower. You can use warm or cold wind to gently blow dry from the scalp to the hair tip along the growth direction of the hair scales, and finally use hair care essential oils for maintenance. Irregular eating habits are also one of the causes of dandruff. For example, partial eclipse and insufficient intake of nutrients will cause the condition of the scalp and hair to deteriorate day by day, eventually leading to problems such as dandruff.

Vitamin A and vitamin B are two kinds of nutrients that are good for the skin. You should take more vegetables, beans and other foods rich in these two elements. If your dandruff condition is particularly serious, you should try to eat less spicy and oily food, because these foods will make our scalp excessively secrete hair oil and aggravate dandruff. :.

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