How Men Can Fight Dandruff


Under normal circumstances, the scalp produces oil to protect your hair and scalp, and there is a species of Malassezia that relies on sebum to survive. If Malassezia overgrows, it will produce too much free fatty acid, dandruff just appeared. At different ages, with the change of androgen level, the ability of sebum secretion is also very different.

The activity of sebaceous glands reaches its peak during adolescence, so the amount of dandruff is also the largest. Frequent shampooing will not aggravate dandruff Some people think that people who have dandruff often wash their hair will aggravate dandruff. In fact, this understanding is wrong.

You should insist on washing your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo once a day, so that the shed dandruff can be washed away with water during shampooing. Prevents dead skin and bacteria from accumulating on the scalp. Avoid blow drying your hair After shampooing with anti-dandruff shampoo, let it dry naturally, try to avoid drying with a hair dryer.

Because the scalp is more sensitive to overheating and supercooling stimulation, the air blown by the hair dryer is generally higher in temperature. Often blowing hair with a hair dryer will speed up the dryness and shedding of scalp cuticles, which will aggravate the generation of dandruff. Anti-dandruff shampoo should be used carefully For those who are not very serious dandruff, using anti-dandruff shampoo is a good choice.

However, there are also many things to pay attention to when using anti-dandruff shampoos. For example, it is a little common sense that many people do not know about not drying with a hair dryer after shampooing. When some people use anti-dandruff shampoo, they use it once and then stop, or use it interspersed with ordinary shampoo, which will affect the anti-dandruff effect.

Anti-dandruff shampoo should be used consistently until the dandruff disappears, and then switch to normal shampoo. It should be noted that in order to obtain a good anti-dandruff effect, you should take action when you first find dandruff and choose a suitable anti-dandruff shampoo. Some people can switch to another brand of anti-dandruff shampoo when the effect of using one brand of anti-dandruff shampoo is not satisfactory, or use the two alternately, the effect will be better.

How to fight "snowflakes" on a man's head 1. Pay attention to scalp hygiene. Wash your hair with warm water frequently, usually once a week, and once every 3 to 4 days if necessary.

It is not advisable to use soaps that are too alkaline when washing your hair, because alkaline soaps will stimulate the keratinization of scalp epithelial cells and produce dandruff. You can use a sulfur soap or shampoo to wash your hair. 2.

Comb your hair frequently. Comb your hair 2 to 3 times a day in the morning and evening, which can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, increase the nutrition of the hair, help the growth of the hair, and reduce the keratinization of the scalp epithelial cells. 3.

Quit smoking, drink less alcohol, and avoid spicy and fatty foods. Avoid violent scratching and scraping with sharp objects when itching. Quit smoking, drink less alcohol, and avoid spicy and fatty foods 4.

Drugs for external use. Available sulfur willow ointment, the formula is 2 grams of salicylic acid and 5 grams of sulfur. Or use tincture of closaliva, the formula is 1 gram of chloramphenicol, 3 grams of salicylic acid, 5 milliliters of glycerin, and 75% alcohol to 100 milliliters.

5. Oral drugs can be added for adjuvant treatment if necessary. Such as vitamin B6 10 mg, 3 times a day, thyroxine tablets 0.

03-0.06 grams, 1-2 times a day. What are the benefits of regular hair combing? From ancient times to the present, people who pay attention to health care have attached great importance to combing their hair.

There are many records about combing hair in traditional Chinese medicine. From the perspective of modern medicine, combing hair can not only beautify, but also have significant medical effects, and is one of the methods of brain health care. Summary: Whether it is a man or a woman, it will be troublesome and embarrassing to face the problem of dandruff, especially men.

So, if you want to overcome and prevent dandruff, let’s learn about the men’s health care guide prepared by the above Yogi Cosmetics hair care manufacturer.

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