How to raise hair in autumn and winter and make your hair more.


If you want to nourish your hair and grow more hair, it is recommended to wash your hair with warm water as much as possible. Washing your hair with warm water can help to clean your hair better without harming your hair and scalp, and can effectively reduce hair loss; pay attention to combing your hair more to help untangle your hair and reduce hair loss. In the case of knotting and frizz, it can also promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the hair; it can also supplement sufficient nutrients to increase the volume of hair. First, comb your hair more. Combing more hair can help comb the hair, reduce hair knots and frizz, and promote blood circulation and metabolism of the hair, help deliver nutrients to the hair follicles, help the health of the hair follicles, help strengthen the hair quality, and help Nourishing and increasing hair volume.

Eat more nutritious food. Hair growth also requires sufficient nutrients, so we should pay attention to supplementing more nutrient-rich foods in daily life, such as high-protein foods, and eat less spicy and greasy foods. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Too cold or too hot for shampooing is not suitable, because hot water will dehydrate the hair and make the hair lose its elasticity, and it is easy to over-clean the hair oil, and hot water will damage the hair roots and follicles, leading to hair loss . Cold water is easy to irritate the scalp, and it is not easy to clean excess oil from the hair and scalp. If you want to increase the volume of hair, you should pay attention to reducing the number of shampoos; you also need to massage the scalp more to promote blood circulation in the scalp, increase nutrition for the hair follicles, and maintain the vitality and elasticity of the scalp; reduce perm dyeing and care for hair quality and scalp health; You can eat more hair-raising foods, and eat more foods rich in vegetable protein, iron, vitamin E, etc. In addition, you should also pay attention to adjusting your living habits to help reduce hair loss and increase hair volume.

Choose the right shampoo. When choosing a shampoo for dry and frizzy hair, you can choose a shampoo with weak alkaline and strong moisturizing properties. After shampooing, it can be used with conditioner or hair mask to enhance the smoothness of hair, nourish and nourish hair from daily shampooing, and achieve the purpose of reducing frizz and smoothing hair; reduce the frequency of daily shampooing.

Frequent shampooing will easily remove the oil from the hair and scalp, which is not conducive to the lock of moisture in the hair and scalp, resulting in dry hair and lack of water, causing hair frizz.

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