How to prevent hair loss and maintain hair


Hair loss has become a very common phenomenon nowadays, and many people are also suffering from hair loss, and some hair loss patients even have low self-esteem. The seemingly simple hair loss has a huge impact on people's lives. What about hair loss? Is there any way to solve hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss every day

As the saying goes, people depend on food. If you want to have beautiful hair, you must first pay attention to nutrition, especially pay attention to eating more nutrients that are important for hair growth, such as barley, barley, soybeans, carrots, celery, walnuts, dates, etc. Food rich in vitamins and various trace elements.

In addition, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, work and rest on time, regularize your life, and avoid long-term mental stress and overwork. Partial maintenance of the hair is also very important. Usually comb the hair with a wooden or horn-made thin comb or head brush. While combing the hair, it also massages the scalp, promotes the blood circulation of the scalp, and increases the blood supply of the hair follicles. , is conducive to the growth of hair; instead of using dense plastic or nylon combs or head brushes, on the one hand, it will generate static electricity, on the other hand, excessively dense combs will have a strong pulling effect on the hair and damage the hair.

Also pay attention to keep the hair clean. Do not wash your hair too many times. Generally, people with oily skin should wash their hair 1-2 times a week. People with dry skin should wash their hair once a week. Increase the number of times in summer and reduce the frequency of shampoo in winter. Times; People with normal skin or oily skin should choose ordinary shampoo and shampoo. Shampoo or shampoo, such as protein shampoo and other natural shampoos.

When shampooing, apply shampoo on the hair and gently rub it while massaging for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with soft water, which not only cleans the hair without damaging the hair, but also promotes the blood circulation of the scalp. Whether it is electric perm or chemical cold perm, perm will damage the hair quality to a certain extent. Therefore, people with poor hair quality should try to use less or no perm.

dry hair cause

* Long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays will cause moisture loss on the surface of the hair, resulting in dryness and lightening of the hair color.

*Hairspray contains chemical ingredients, just like electric hair dye, if it is used too much, it will easily damage the hair tissue; while the temperature when blowing the hair is too hot, it will easily lose the moisture on the surface of the hair, and it will easily become dry.

The source of life for hair comes from the nutrients we absorb, so if the food we eat does not provide enough nutrients for our hair, especially if we eat less protein-containing foods, how can it grow luxuriantly?

Hair becomes dry, yellow, dry and easy to break, indicating that the life of the hair has been threatened. This is due to the lack of "watering" on weekdays, which leads to malnutrition, and the damage to the hair tissue, which causes the loss of moisture and protein in the hair. Immediately bring the dead back to life, of course, immediately "fertilize" and supplement nutrients.

Hair loss and hair care join in. Making hair mask and baking oil is just like making a mask, so that the face can absorb more nutrients, and the hair can also be used as a hair mask; baking oil and hair mask can lock the loss of protein and water, so that the hair can increase the chance of absorbing nutrients , reply angry.

Method: Wash the hair first, then apply the hair mask or oil evenly on the hair, but do not touch the scalp directly, then wrap the hair with fresh-keeping paper, and wash it with hot air for 15-20 minutes.


1. When using hair mask or baking oil, there should be steam at the same time, because the heat can expand the space of the particles on the surface of the hair, making it easier for the hair to absorb the nutrients it needs.

2. You may wish to apply a hair mask or hair care product on the hair first when taking a bath, then wrap it well, and then take a shower with hot water, so that the heat of the hot water will act as a steam to help the hair absorb nutrients.

3. Baking oil and hair mask supplies are divided into bleaching, perm and dry hair. Remember to know your hair quality before making a choice.

4. If you want your hair to regain its radiance quickly, you can do it every two days. Cut off the split ends and re-oil, the effect is even better.


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