How to wash your hair correctly? How to reduce hair loss?


Hair, generally written as hair, refers to the hair that grows on the head. Hair is not an organ and does not contain nerves, blood vessels and cells. In addition to increasing the beauty of people, hair mainly protects the brain. The delicate, soft and fluffy hair is elastic, can resist light bumps and can help the transpiration of sweat from the head. The average person has about 100,000 hairs. Among all the hairs, the length of the hair is the longest, especially for women with long hair. Some can grow to 90-100cm, even 150cm, but generally not more than 200cm. The color of hair is determined by genes. Generally speaking, the common colors are black, golden yellow, brown and red. When human beings age, their hair usually turns silvery white.

In the world, due to differences in races and regions, there are jet black, golden, reddish brown, reddish brown, light yellow, gray, and even green and red. Hair can also be dyed into a variety of colors through hair dyeing. The study of plant hair care has proved that the color of hair is related to the difference of metal elements contained in the hair. Black hair contains the same amount of copper, iron and melanin, and when the content of nickel increases, it will become grayish white. Blonde hair contains titanium, auburn hair contains molybdenum, reddish brown hair contains cobalt in addition to copper and iron, and green hair contains too much copper. In some African countries, some children's hair is red, which is caused by a serious lack of protein.

When Yogi washes his hair, his hair falls everywhere. I believe many people have this experience, but scientific hair washing methods can reduce hair fall. Don't wash your hair every day. There is a lot of hair loss. One very important reason is that you wash your hair too often. Every hair wash is a process of opening and closing the hair scales, which inevitably causes friction and wear between the hairs, which accelerates the hair fall during the telogen period. At the same time, after shampooing, the scalp will secrete oil to protect the hair. If the interval is too short to wash off, it will speed up the excretion of the scalp, which will make the hair more oily and not conducive to hair growth. In short, unless you have severe oily hair, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day. If you must wash your hair every day, you can also reduce the amount of shampoo, and don't wash it so deeply every time.

After washing the hair without blowing the air conditioner, the scalp is very sensitive to cold and heat. Avoid the influence of one heat and one cold, which will definitely lead to more hair loss. In summer, many households in many areas turn on the air conditioner, remember to dry your hair when you return to the air-conditioned room, or wrap it in a towel for protection. Wash your hair with silicone-free shampoo. Most shampoos contain silicone oil. Since silicone oil is an artificial oil, it seems to wax the hair to make the hair soft. The disadvantage is that it is easy to appear greasy and affect the scalp.

In summer, since the scalp itself is easy to excrete oil, there is no need for you to apply additional oil, so the silicone-free shampoo will be softer, the hair will become lighter, and the phenomenon of hair loss will also be reduced. Plant hair nourishing shampoo, knead the foam and then wash your hair. Pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand and use it after kneading the foam. The advantage of this is that the effect of the foaming agent has been exerted before the shampoo touches the scalp , to avoid these chemical substances remaining on the scalp and cause hair loss, and it can also be washed cleaner. Simply put shampoo on the scalp, there will basically be chemical residues.

Yogi suggested not to wash your hair in cold water. Another harm of washing your hair in cold water is that it is not clean at all. Cold water closes the pores and cuticles, and some dirt on the scalp is "hidden", but it is becoming more and more difficult to clean them. , It can be said that there are negative effects, the more you wash your hair, the more it hurts. Many people like to wash their hair with cold water, especially after exercising, it is very cool to rinse with cold water. In fact, this habit is very bad! The capillaries of the scalp are very rich, heat and cold can easily lead to rapid contraction of blood vessels, the hair loses oxygen supply, and many hairs directly enter the resting period from the growth period, resulting in a large amount of hair loss. In addition, the intracranial arteries and blood vessels of the human body are actually very sensitive. Washing your hair with cold water may cause abnormal function of the intracranial blood vessels, causing headaches, nausea, and black eyes. So, for the sake of your health, still pay attention to avoid using cold water to wash your hair.


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