What bad habits in life can lead to hair loss?


Modern people have a sharp increase in hair loss due to many factors such as accelerated pace of life, increased work pressure, overdrawn energy, excessive thinking, and environmental pollution. China's white-haired and hair-loss population accounts for about 25% of the total population, and the proportion in cities is slightly higher, reaching about 30%. Gray hair, hair loss, etc. will bring adverse effects to people, hinder work and marriage, and premature aging will bring greater psychological pressure to gray-haired people and affect physical and mental health. Yogi and the majority of hair friends come to discuss which bad habits in life can cause hair loss?

(1) Fatty diet: DHT in obese male adolescents is higher than that of normal weight males, and the possibility of hair loss will increase.

(2) Staying up late: Staying up late will cause damage to both the endocrine system and the nervous system, and will affect the growth cycle of hair follicles, which may aggravate hair loss.

(3) Playing games for a long time: Long-term high-intensity mental work requires more androgen to maintain a clear understanding of the brain, which will lead to a high concentration of DHT in mentally active people, and the oxygen supply demand of hair follicle cells will be affected. If the luck of hair follicles is unstable for a long time, the growth cycle of hair follicle cells will also change, resulting in premature hair loss.

(4) Smoking: The blood microcirculation function of smokers is reduced, and the blood oxygen-carrying ability is weakened. These effects will lead to a decrease in blood supply to the hair follicles, which may cause the hair follicles to enter the resting period early and increase hair loss. Yogi

(5) Alcohol: Alcohol (ethanol) metabolizes into acetaldehyde (CH2O) after entering the human body. Acetaldehyde can directly affect the function and shape of human protein, including the potential impact on the formation of hair follicles.

(6) Picky eaters: lack of vitamins can cause hair loss due to metabolic disorders and lack of amino acids.

(7) Tie our hair: If the hair is tied tightly for a long time, it will form a traction force to affect the hair follicles. Long-term external force acts on the hair follicles, which may lead to traction alopecia.

(8) Frequent perming and dyeing: The chemical preparations for perming, dyeing and pulling hair are all strongly alkaline. If the operation is not done properly, it will burn the scalp and cause hair loss.


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