Shampoo manufacturers share: Do not wash your hair three times!


In life, many people regard washing their hair as a very casual thing. They like to smear some shampoo on their hair and scratch it for a few times after the hair is wet. But as everyone knows, if the scalp is not properly cleaned, the hair will become oily very quickly.

When you wear a shiny "hair", not only will your appearance be greatly reduced, but it will itch here and there from time to time, which is very annoying. What's more serious, there are large "snowflakes" falling on the collar of the clothes all the time, and even when washing the hair, it is obvious that the hair is falling down in large quantities. So, to be precise, washing your hair is really a "big thing" that requires attention from many aspects.

Today, let me tell you about the precautions for washing your hair, so that you can avoid these misunderstandings in your life. 1/ What are the wrong ways to wash your hair? ① Shampoo too often Many people mistakenly think that their hair loss is caused by not washing their hair clean enough, so they start to wash their hair frequently, but in fact, what really makes hair fall more and more is the number of times they wash their hair. Because excessive shampooing will destroy the nutrients on the surface of the scalp that support the hair roots, resulting in accumulation of water and moisture, and nutritional imbalances in the hair roots, eventually leading to hair loss and alopecia areata.

②Wash shampoo before the hair is wet When some people wash their hair, they like to apply the shampoo to their heads first, and then wet the hair, but in fact, doing so will only make the hair quality worse. The correct way to do it is to rinse your hair with water for a minute or two before shampooing, and then apply shampoo. ③ Wash your hair with very hot water Everyone likes to wash their hair with hot water, thinking that hot water can remove dust and reduce oil stains, but too high water temperature will cause damage to the scalp and hair follicles.

Because the high temperature will make the scalp oil too clean, the sebum will double the secretion of oil, causing the hair to become more greasy after washing, so the water temperature for normal hair washing is slightly higher than our body temperature, about 40 degrees is enough. ④Ignore the hazards of hair cream The combination of shampoo + conditioner itself is a better way to care for hair, but some people like to apply conditioner to the hair roots and leave some conditioner on the hair, which is called protecting the hair . In fact, the hair conditioner left on the hair root is more likely to adhere to the scalp after it comes into contact with dust, clogging the hair follicles and causing inflammation, so the hair care products on the head must be cleaned.

⑤ Failing to straighten hair before shampooing Normally, hair becomes very brittle when wet and tends to tangle easily. Therefore, before shampooing, it is best to comb the hair with a comb, straighten the hair, and then wash the scalp and hair. To avoid damaging the scalp, use a wide-toothed, round-ended comb.

2/ Shampoo "3 don'ts", hair growth and hair follicle protection ①Do not wash your hair at night It is not advisable to wash your hair before going to bed. Wash your hair before going to bed, moisture can easily enter the body, and blow-dry your hair at night, especially for girls with mid-length hair, it is really impossible to blow-dry all of it, basically the ends of the hair are watery or moist. This kind of moisture is like a hat on the head, which will cause the head to dissipate heat faster, the blood flow in the head will be abnormal, and the supply to the scalp will not be maintained normally, which will easily cause hair loss.

②Do not scratch the scalp with fingernails Many people tend to have itchy scalp, so they like to scratch their scalp with their fingernails to relieve itching when washing their hair, but in fact this is the most harmful way to the scalp, because scratching the scalp like this for a long time will not only scratch off some healthy hair, but also It can cause inflammation of the scalp and aggravate hair loss. ③Do not wet hair do not blow hair Many people only know that blowing hair with a hair dryer will damage the hair quality, but they don't know that wet hair will damage the hair even more. Wet hair will open the cuticles on the surface of the hair shaft, increase the friction between the hair strands, and damage the hair quality.

At the same time, the wet scalp is more likely to cause the growth of bacteria and hinder the healthy growth of hair follicles. Therefore, for the sake of healthy hair, it is best not to do other things with wet hair, at least dry the scalp, otherwise it will only increase your hair loss after a long time. 3/ How to wash hair to reduce hair loss? ① Pay attention to the number of times you wash your hair We know that everyone's hair quality is different, so when washing your hair, you must distinguish the frequency of washing your hair according to the hair quality.

Some people have oily hair, they can wash it once a day in summer, and once every 2-3 days in winter. The number of shampoos can be determined according to how comfortable your hair is. For people with dry hair, in order to prevent the hair from being too dry, it is recommended to wash it once every 3 days.

Don’t wash it frequently like oily hair, otherwise it will only make the hair more frizzy. ② Pay attention to the time to wash your hair In normal times, many people will have a lot of hair loss when they wash their hair. In this case, we must pay attention to the time we wash our hair.

It is best not to wash your hair at night, because washing at night will not only easily cause headaches, but also make moisture enter the scalp and affect the growth of hair follicles. If you have to wash your hair at night, be sure to dry it in time so as not to affect the health of your scalp. ③ Pay attention to the way you wash your hair In daily life, many careless people are used to violent and quick solutions when washing their hair, but this will seriously damage our hair and make it fall out.

Therefore, it is best to be gentle with your hair when washing your hair, and never rub your hair hard. In addition, if your hair is not easy to comb, you should calm down and slowly comb your hair before washing. Conditioner, makes hair soft.

4/ The most healthy way to wash your hair Anti-dandruff shampoo, amino acid shampoo, Chinese herbal shampoo, ginger shampoo, silicone oil-free shampoo.choose the shampoo that suits your hair type. Washing your hair can not only remove dandruff, relieve itching, reduce hair split ends, but also effectively Reduce hair loss… Hair is very important to a person's overall image.

If it is rough and messy, hair loss will greatly reduce your appearance invisibly! Therefore, our goal is to learn how to wash your hair, wash your hair scientifically, and wash out fluffy, soft, thick and beautiful hair!.

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