What should I do if my hair is very powerful?


How to deal with severe hair loss, how to prevent hair loss?

Sleeping more and more late, eating more and more complicated, shampoo and hair care products are getting more and more advanced, but the hair is getting less and less, maybe in the future many years, human beings will evolve to have no hair, but for now we still need to protect Take good care of your own hair. As a person who has achieved little success in hair loss and hair care, let me summarize how to prevent and maintain hair loss. Individual situations are different. The following methods are for reference only~


Say the important thing three times, go to bed early, go to bed early! Go to bed early. Based on my personal experience, staying up late and not sleeping well is one of the culprits of hair loss. If you want to keep hair loss or less hair loss, you must go to bed early.

Don’t wash your hair too frequently for preventing hair loss in Henan. I used to wash my hair every day because my hair was oily and not fresh enough. Later, I found that the more I wash it, the faster it becomes oily. So three to four times a week at most, don’t wash it too much is really bad

Washing hair with boiled ginger in water, this method may be troublesome, but it does have a certain effect on seborrheic alopecia and the hair is prone to oil. Of course, you can also choose shampoo containing ginger, but I prefer to choose Cook their own

Supplement vitamins and various trace elements. Another major cause of hair loss is the shortcomings of the body. Then we need to supplement the missing things, such as vitamin B. Many people's hair loss can be solved by supplementing vitamin B.

Reduce the use of hair care products during hair loss in Henan. Pro-test, hair conditioner, hair mask, these products will accelerate the hair to become oily, and the scalp will become oily. Keeping the scalp fresh during the hair loss period is the place to prevent hair loss

Supplement protein. Everyone knows that the main component of hair is protein. If you want to have good hair quality, you must supplement more protein, which is plant protein. For example, eat more fungus, nuts, eggs, milk, and beef are also good choices

Light diet, don't eat too greasy things, hot pot, barbecue, eat less if you can, and don't eat if you can, then what to eat, black rice, black beans, black sesame, vegetables, fruits and whole grains, to ensure a healthy diet healthy and light

Strengthen physical exercise, hair is a part of body function, keep fit, healthy, hair will be fine naturally

The above methods are the problems that need to be paid attention to during hair loss and the simple solutions. It is recommended that if you find hair loss, do not ignore it, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, find out the cause of hair loss and prescribe the right medicine, and the problem of hair volume cannot be ignored

Prevention and treatment of hair loss is a long-term battle. Don’t give up after trying for two or three days and feel that there is no effect. In this way, you can only get rid of hair loss to the end. Be persistent in everything. I hope everyone can protect their hair


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