Summer hair care tips


1. Pay attention to protein supply. Protein is an important substance necessary for the formation and nutrition of hair. In summer, people eat a light diet, and protein is mostly contained in meat. Insufficient protein intake can easily cause hair loss. 2. Clean in time. It is easy to sweat in summer, resulting in more oil secretion in the scalp than usual. Some air impurities and dust are also easily adsorbed on the scalp. If you do not rinse in time, it is easy to block the hair follicles and prevent the hair follicles from breathing and nutrient supply. , leading to hair loss. In summer, you can properly increase the number of times you wash your hair, especially after strenuous activities and sweating a lot, you should wash your hair carefully to keep your scalp clean.

If you have frequent activities, you can also consider keeping short hair for easy cleaning. But you should also pay attention to the method of washing your hair in summer. First of all, you should not wash your hair with cold water. In addition, you should avoid wind and sun after washing your hair. 3. Eat less cold drinks. If you eat too much ice cream and other cold drinks in summer, the main reason is that cold drinks will cause sudden shrinkage of hair follicles, which is especially bad for hair follicles that need to sweat a lot in summer.

4. Avoid staying up late. Some people who stay up late will find that their hair is oily after waking up the next day. This is because irregular sleep prevents the hair from getting an effective rest. :.

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