Doing these 5 things can reduce hair loss, not only shampoo!


Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, the pressure of life is also increasing, and the age of hair loss is getting earlier and earlier. The hair loss problem that used to only appear after the age of 40 is now seen everywhere in the 20s. In fact, a lot of hair loss is caused by improper living habits. If you do the following in your daily life, you can effectively reduce hair loss: 1. Reasonably adjust the time you use the computer When you are young, you should take a short break. You can leave the computer screen for a while, look into the distance for a few minutes, or turn your head and neck, or simply close your eyes for a few minutes.

2. Eat a reasonable diet. Usually eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and foods rich in vitamin B, eat more miscellaneous grains or whole grains, eat less greasy meat such as fatty pork and fried chicken, and try to eat less spicy food Stimulant foods such as peppers, etc., and ensure smooth metabolism. 3. Shampoo and use hair care products reasonably. The main reason for hair loss is the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, so the hair follicles are easy to be blocked, so it is best to wash your hair with warm water. Overheating stimulates the oil secretion of the hair root, and the pores will not shrink and cannot be cleaned due to overcooling. Another point is not to use shampoos that are too alkaline, try to use weakly acidic shampoos such as amino acid shampoos.

4. Sufficient sleep and rest time No matter how intense the work is, 8 hours of rest a day is essential, and we must try our best to ensure the quality of rest, so that the blood circulation of the cerebral cortex can be adjusted in a timely manner. Only when the brain has enough rest can it maintain a good state. 5. Meditation practice It is best to spend 20-30 minutes a day to meditate, you can let yourself go or think about the easy and beautiful things in life, let yourself try to relax, and take comfort as the standard.

When the mind is peaceful, the body will naturally relax. The above is about the introduction of methods to reduce hair loss. In addition, keep the hair roots clean, do not perm and dye your hair frequently, treat it in time when you find that your hair is falling out severely, improve your diet, and ensure adequate rest time are all good choices.


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