Is your hair shampoo every day?


Summer is here, the temperature is high, and it is easy to sweat. Some people choose to wash their hair every day to keep their hair clean, so is this good? According to Dr. Jeffrey J. Miller, an assistant professor at Penn State University College of Medicine, washing your hair every day is not going to hurt your hair unless you start seeing a lot of broken ends as your hair goes from wet to blow dry to styled. The hair moisture will be taken away during the process, so please follow the following guidelines: oily hair, or live in a city with serious air pollution, in a humid environment, or exercise every day, wash your hair every day. If you have normal or mixed hair (oily roots and dry ends), wash every other day. If the hair is dry (this includes curly hair or dyed hair), if you live in a dry place, you can wash it once every two or three days.

For people with hair loss, unless they are extremely oily, it is recommended to reduce the number of shampoos. There are two reasons. One is that the hair loss is in the catagen and telogen phase. The hair volume is huge, and washing hair too much will make them fall out faster , resulting in psychological stress; the second hair loss hair friend's hair is relatively fragile, easy to break hair in the shampoo process. People with seborrheic hair loss can wash their hair once every 2 days, and people with ordinary hair loss can wash their hair once every 3 to 4 days. But no matter who you are, you should pay attention to the choice of shampoo when washing your head. Avoid using shampoos that are too alkaline, and it is best to add conditioner.

People who have the habit of washing their hair at night should try to change their habit of washing their hair at night. Secondly, they should dry their hair after washing, or dry it with a hair dryer to ensure that it is clean, relaxed and healthy. :.

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