What should I do if my hair is dry and frizzy


What to do with dry and frizzy hair

Dry and frizzy hair is mostly caused by lack of nutrition in the hair.

First of all, the lack of moisture in the hair itself leads to a decrease in sebum secretion, and the hair will appear various phenomena such as bifurcation, dryness, static electricity, and falling. Secondly, external damage such as air pollution, sun exposure, inferior shampoos, ultraviolet rays, dyed and permed hair will also make the hair fragile and lack luster, and become dry and frizzy. Yogi also often stays up late, which leads to insufficient energy and blood in the human body, dysfunction of internal organs, and dry hair. Malnutrition problems such as lack of vitamin A and protein can also lead to frizzy hair.

It can be seen that hair is a very fragile part of the human body and will respond obviously to changes in the internal and external environment. If you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, you must start from daily life and maintain hair quality in an all-round way.


Choose your shampoo carefully. Alkaline shampoos can clean your hair, but it can also damage your hair. Therefore, when choosing a shampoo, you can choose an acidic and moisturizing shampoo. For example, Shulei's shampoo for daily use is very friendly to hair, with high cleaning power, mild and non-irritating, which is good for hair maintenance.

No need to wash your hair every day. Yogi washing hair every day can neither make hair healthy, but also cause physical discomfort. It is recommended to wash once every 2-3 days. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise it will damage the hair quality. And after washing the hair, use a conditioner or hair mask to keep the hair moisturized and shiny.

Reduce the frequency of perm hair dyeing. Modern women like to do hairstyles very much. Although hairstyles look good, they can also cause some troubles, that is, hair loss and severe hair loss. Reduce the number of perm dyeing, no more than twice a year, to protect the hair. Essential oils should be used for hair after dyeing to improve the dryness of the hair ends.

Reduce the use of hair dryers. Yogi blows hair with a hair dryer for a long time, which can easily cause hair to become frizzy. Therefore, you should reduce the use at ordinary times, or you don’t need to dry your hair completely when using a hair dryer, you can blow it to a semi-dry state, and then let it dry naturally.

Avoid weight loss to produce malnutrition. Losing weight can easily lead to the loss of various vitamins and proteins, and too little fat intake affects natural oil secretion. Therefore, you should avoid dieting to lose weight and cause malnutrition, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and fat to ensure your health.

Reduce staying up late. Staying up late can easily cause endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders in the body, and excessive secretion of waste substances, resulting in no nutrition for the hair, making the hair dry and prone to hair loss. Eat more black beans and black sesame to regulate kidney qi.


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