Nourishing hair -14 methods teach you to grab hair dandruff


There are many factors that cause hair loss. As long as you have the secret to prevent hair loss, you don't have to be afraid of anything. The 10 great experiences summed up from daily life will relieve your worries.


1 Do not use nylon combs and brushes. Nylon combs and hair brushes are prone to static electricity, which can cause adverse irritation to hair and scalp. The ideal is to choose a boxwood comb and a pig bristle head brush, which can not only remove dandruff, increase hair luster, but also massage the scalp and promote blood circulation.

2 Shampoo frequently. The interval between shampooing is 2-5 days. While shampooing, you need to massage while rubbing, so as to keep the scalp clean and activate blood circulation.

3 Do not use strong degreasing or alkaline shampoo. The degreasing and dehydrating properties of this type of shampoo are too strong, which can easily make the hair dry and the scalp necrotic. You should choose a natural shampoo that is non-irritating to the scalp and hair, or choose it according to your hair quality. Don't use a certain shampoo all the time.

4 quit smoking. Smoking will shrink the capillaries of the scalp, thereby affecting the normal development and growth of hair.

5. Drink alcohol in moderation. Liquor, especially hot liquor, will produce heat and moisture on the scalp, causing hair loss. Even beer and wine should be moderate, and the liver should be "rested" for at least two days a week (that is, stop drinking).

6 Eliminate mental depression. Unstable mental state, daily anxiety can lead to hair loss, the deeper the depression, the faster the hair loss. For women, if they live a busy life and maintain an appropriate amount of exercise, their hair will be shiny and black, full of vitality. Therefore, regular deep breathing, walking, doing relaxation gymnastics, etc., can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.

7 Be cautious when perming and drying. The heat blown out by the hair dryer reaches 100 degrees, which will damage the hair tissue and damage the scalp, so frequent hair blowing should be avoided. The number of times of perm should not be too much, and the perm solution has a greater impact on the hair. Too many times will seriously damage the hair roots.

8 The air conditioner should be suitable. Both the warm and humid wind and cold wind of the air conditioner can be the cause of hair loss and gray hair, and the air is too dry or the humidity is too high to protect the hair.

9 Pay attention to the ventilation of the hat and helmet. Hair is not resistant to stuffy heat, wearing hats and helmets will make the hair airtight for a long time, and it is easy to stuffy and damage the hair. Especially the pore muscles that are oppressed by hats or helmets at the hairline are prone to relaxation, causing hair loss. Therefore, the ventilation conditions of the hat and helmet should be well prepared, such as padding the hollow cap lining or adding small holes.

10 eat more vegetables to prevent constipation. Hair care and hair care manufacturers should insist on eating more grains and fruits. For example, if the intake of vegetables is reduced, it is easy to cause constipation and "stain the blood", which will affect the quality of hair.

4 small steps to prevent dandruff effectively

1 Do not comb your hair with your nails. Gently massage the scalp with fingertips, not only can increase blood circulation, but also reduce the formation of dandruff.

2 Chemical products such as hairspray will damage the hair quality, irritate the skin, and also aggravate the formation of dandruff.

3 Comb your hair 100 times in the morning and evening, which can help improve blood circulation, reduce hair loss and dandruff. From the perspective of modern medicine, combing hair can not only beautify, but also one of the methods of brain health care.

4 You can eat some foods with more zinc content. Such as: brown rice, oysters, sheep, cattle, pigs, red rice, chicken, pasta, milk, eggs.


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