9 reasons for hair loss


It is true that hair loss occurs more often in men than in women, but hair loss is very common in women and it can be very frustrating for them. But did you know that hair loss or baldness is usually the result of your own normal habits? We can include many factors associated with hair loss Yogi like protein deficiency or vitamin abuse. Here's a look at what's slowly stripping your hair.

protein deficiency

If your diet does not contain the right amount of protein, your body will stop hair growth. According to a study, in the absence of protein, the rate of hair loss increases significantly within two to three months. To avoid this it is normal to use fish, eggs and meat in your diet, Yogi but if you don't like meat then other foods can also be included in your daily diet like peas, chickpeas, nuts, green leafy vegetables And milk can also be used.

wear hats frequently

Hats are ideal hair coverings to protect the head from the sun and environmental elements.

However, experts say hats often rub against specific areas of the head. Especially if they are worn continuously. When this happens, the follicles are prone to edema, increasing the chances of their rapid decline.

Hormones can exacerbate the causes of hair loss

When women suffer from hormonal problems, they may experience hair loss. It is often accompanied by symptoms such as nail acne and facial hair. Medications, as directed by your doctor, can help relieve this problem.

dietary reasons

What you eat can also affect the health of your hair. Hair growth requires a lot of energy and nutrients, and hair follicles divide and form faster than any other part of the body. So eating a healthy and balanced diet is important. Lack of certain nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc and iron can lead to premature baldness and affect the hair growth cycle.

emotional stress

Emotional stress doesn't prompt hair loss any faster than physical stress, but it does. Stress such as the death of a loved one or a parent's illness can lead to hair loss.

lack of blood

A lack of blood or iron can be devastating to hair. Blood can be diagnosed with a condition called enema, but protecting hair is not easy because most people are undiagnosed. However, if you are aware of anemia and hair loss, iron supplementation can prevent this problem.

Vitamin B deficiency

A lack of B vitamins in the body can also lead to hair loss. It is possible from supplements or changes to your eating habits. You can include fish, meat, starchy vegetables, and fruits as part of your diet.

different hairstyles

Many hairstyles and treatments can also cause hair loss. As a result of these hairstyles and treatments, the roots of the hair weaken and if they start to fall out, they are less likely to grow back.


Aging also affects hair loss, as your hair tends to become thinner and weaker as you start to age.


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